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Behavioral Health

Change can be scary, exciting or even difficult for people.  Sometimes it can be a new relationship, dealing with addiction, the loss of a loved one, a major change to our daily routine, or even a new medical diagnosis that can make us realize we have to make a change.  No matter the circumstances, there is one thing that all people making a change have in common:  they all realize what they are doing IS NOT WORKING ANYMORE.  The Behavioral Health Services Department at NEON is dedicated to helping people with change and finding a better way to live and manage the ups and downs of life.

Behavioral Health Providers work with individuals, families, couples, adults, adolescents, and children.  At the first appointment, you will complete an evaluation with a behavioral health provider.  This evaluation is used to identify what the patient’s needs are as well as design a treatment plan to reach the patient’s goals for change.  Follow up sessions will help to track progress and cope with some of the difficulties that arise from figuring out a new way of doing things.  Medication is not always necessary; however coordination of care can be handled between your Medical and Behavioral Health providers in such instances.  For additional information, please feel free to contact our Behavioral Health Department at 216-231-7700 ext. 1097.

Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) Program

In addition to having Behavioral Health Providers dedicated to assisting people recovering from chemical dependency and addiction, we also offer Medication Assisted Treatment for opioid addiction.  Opioids are substances which affect the nervous system and relieve pain.  Some opioids, which are prescribed for pain management by a doctor, include Morphine, OxyContin, Fentanyl or Oxycodone; however, others are purchased illegally and include illegal drugs like heroin.  In the past few years, the number of opioid deaths due to overdose have gone up significantly, so NEON created the MAT Program in response to this need.  NEON uses a medication called Buprenorphine (aka Suboxone) to treat opioid addiction.  The medication is monitored by a primary care physician along with a chemical dependency treatment counselor.  Through this coordination of care, the physical symptoms of addiction are managed so that the behavioral changes needed for recovery can be learned and maintained.  Participants in the MAT Program receive medication management, individual counseling, group counseling, and support for family/friends (at patient’s discretion).  Referrals for additional needs are also coordinated within NEON and through community partnerships.  The initial appointment is scheduled with the chemical dependency counselor to ensure the needs of the patient can be met by the providers and program.  For additional information, please call 216-231-7700 ext. 1808.

Education: Adler University
Residency: Adler Community Health Services
Interests: Cooking, Cleveland sports, and traveling
Location(s): Hough Health Center
Charles Byrd, L.I.S.W.-S

Education: Case Western Reserve University
Licensure: Licensed Independent Social Worker-Supervisor
Interests: Drag racing, and sports
Location(s): Southeast and Miles Broadway Health Centers

NEON Amber Dumas
amber davis-dumas, L.I.S.W.-s

Education: Case Western Reserve University
Licensure: Licensed Independent Social Worker- Supervisor
Interests: Traveling, reading, volleyball, and cooking
Location(s): Hough, Superior and East Cleveland Health Centers

Michael j. Skoda,  L.P.C.C-S, L.I.C.D.C 
Education: John Carroll University
Licensure: Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor- Supervisor, Licensed Independent Chemical Dependency Counselor 
Interests: Bowling and golf
Location(s): Hough Health Center
Education: Cleveland State University
Licensure: Licensed Social Worker
Interests: Cleveland sports, music, travel, and reading
Location(s): Hough, Superior and East Cleveland Health Centers
Karin Jordan, l.c.d.c. III, s.w.a
Education: Ohio University
Licensure: Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor III
Interests: Drawing, attending sports events, traveling, reading, and spending time with family
Location(s): Miles-Broadway, Southeast and Hough Health Centers
William Hasan, l.i.c.d.c
Education: Cleveland State University
Licensure: Licensure Independent Chemical Dependency Counselor-Supervisor
Interests: Writting poetry, singing, and reading mysteries
Location(s): Hough and Southeast Health Centers